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BB-8: Return of the Droids!

I haven’t drawn a particularly complicated thing in a while… and while I keep meaning to draw a C-3P0 to go along with my R2-D2 illustration from last December, I at least was inspired again to draw a Star Wars droid! This time, I hunkered down and rendered BB-8, from the most recent Star Wars, The Force Awakens.


There is an elegant simplicity in this particular droid and the primarily spherical design. It doesn’t have nearly the detail of some other characters, but it has just enough to make it interesting. I also like that it’s basically a two-color character (white and orange) with just a little bit of silver and a couple of red and blue splashes for effect.

While this actually only took me a few hours to complete, I made the classic mistake of deciding to start drawing it about 2 am the other day… so I ended up staying awake all night and finishing it before going to bed the next morning. I need to work on drawing at normal hours, but sometimes when an idea and motivation strikes I have to grab hold and take it where it leads me so I don’t lose it!

Different from some of my other illustrations of this type, I added a couple of shadows. For some reason, BB-8 just didn’t look right without shadowing under the head and on the floor. As I was finishing things up, I became aware that this is not to the same scale as my previous R2-D2 illustration. If I ever decide to composite these for something in the future, I’ll have to address that… maybe whenever I get around to C-3P0?

As always, please let me know what you think… and remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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R2-D2: The Force Awakened Me to Draw You

So… I actually drew this back in December. I was inspired, admittedly, by the new Star Wars movie that came out to finally tackle R2-D2. This was every bit as difficult as the AT-AT I drew earlier last year and the Dalek I had drawn prior to that. In fact, I’ve always thought R2-D2 and Daleks might be distant cousins!

R2-D2Many of you have already seen a smaller version of this, because I already used it in a Fringe Kisses cartoon last year. That’s how I roll with these things. Once I have a nice clean vector rendering of a thing, I then try to find other cool or funny uses for them. One day I’ll probably have to draw a C-3P0 to go along with him, but that’s for another day!

Please let me know what you think and remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

Bonofied Star Wars Fringe Kisses

FK 57

Star Wars, the Sketch Cards Begin!

For my guest appearance at the Raleigh Comic Book Show tomorrow, I’m preparing to bring many things… I also have been spending time this week creating some sketch cards for the show. I may be able to draw some more at the show, but wanted to have some done in advance. I’ll be making a series of posts today to show off some of the ones I’ve already made. Hope to see some of you at the convention!


SK01-BB-8 SK02-BB-8

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