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Those Who Throw Milestones…

So… as I sit to type this live on the blog, the hit counter is at 29,999. To paraphrase from classic Doctor Who, this moment has been prepared for…


Over the weekend I prepared the above simple animation, knowing the milestone would probably happen early this week.  Truth be told, this probably would have happened in January but the combination of illnesses and some Internet outages took away from my normal stream of visitors. I didn’t lose any followers (thank you all!) during those times but I did obviously lose hits those days when I hadn’t posted new nonsense.

I’ve continued the tradition of building upon the first animation I made when I hit the 10,000 hit milestone… then again at 20,000. Will I keep doing this?  Who knows. I kind of like keeping the aspect of where-I-came-from by continually building on what came before for each new milestone.

Meanwhile… some less celebrated, but still occurring, milestones…  I have over 975 posts on the blog now. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will make the 1000th post on the blog. I’ll try and pay attention and do something special for that. That’s a lot of blogging in about 2.5 years!  Also of note… at some point this past week I reached 650 episodes of my comic strip ‘Sects on the blog. I’ve had a lot of skipped days, some will be revisited, or that count could have been higher.  Again, lots of nonsense from me the last couple of years! 🙂

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who follows, and everyone who visits regularly. You give me encouragement to keep the nonsense going. Thank you!  Also thank you to everyone who randomly stops by irregularly… one day I’ll ensnare you in my web of nonsense! 😉


Milestone Madness!

I did some math earlier in the week and realized that my 800th post was going to happen over the weekend. I had some choice as to what to actually post as number 800, but decided to go ahead and let the 800th post be about various milestones happening this month. Tomorrow (July 25th) is also the two year anniversary of starting this blog. If you’re at all curious, go take a look at the very first post (appropriately an early comic strip) I made on the blog way back on July 25th, 2014.

A milestone that occurred earlier this week… ‘Sects had its 500th episode! I also realized counting the ‘Sects milestones are tricky. I have skipped some days here and there, and that’s easy enough to keep track of… but there was also one day last year when I actually posted two episodes in the same day! So… the 500th new episode was posted on Wednesday this past week… but the 500th day of unique episodes actually happened on Thursday.

An honorary mention is the hit counter…  I’m just under 24,500 hits on the blog in two years. It has been a slow uphill climb, gaining followers and regular visits over the years. I’ve definitely got a strong loyal following now, but I’m always hoping to expand… hence why I gave up the ghost and joined Facebook last year to provide additional promotion for my work.

Thank you to everyone who has been here for the long haul… thank you also to all the newly following! I hope I continue to create things that engage you in some manner, whether it be in quality of the art or the silliness of the idea. Please, if you really enjoy any of the things I do here, tell your friends and let’s see how much we can blow this thing up for year three!

Post #700 and the New Theme!

So, I knew this was coming a week or two ago when I started paying attention to my hit counter… and I also noticed I was coming close to my 700th post on the blog. It just kind of worked out that my actual 700th post on the blog is this one, in which I’m talking about making my 700th post. I am the hand that draws itself! (Dropping mad MC Escher references, yo!)

On an unrelated note, I’m having intermittent problems with WordPress not properly pushing my blog posts to my Facebook page. It happened back in February for a day or so and magically self-corrected. Now, as was the case then, I had to manually share some posts to get them there, but most irritating are the already pushed posts that just spontaneously disappear and reappear. I hope they sort this out once and for all!

Meanwhile, all that glitchy fun prompted me to look at my site design. I decided the Twenty-Twelve theme was getting a little stale so I wanted a change. I spent some time the other night browsing, and liked the look of this Retro-Fitted theme. What I didn’t realize was that it was going to trash all of my previously submitted headers… but that’s okay because I needed some new ones anyway and the old ones wouldn’t have scaled properly to this new theme. Look for more random headers to show up (wait for it) randomly as I create them. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the new ‘Sects oriented one that features virtually every major character that has appeared in that comic strip so far!

The next major milestone will be when I hit two years of blogging at the end of this July. Sometime before that I’ll blow past 800 total posts and should pass 500 ‘Sects episodes. I need to pay attention to that ‘Sects milestone and see if I can’t come up with something special for that one at least.

As always, thank you to all my fans and followers for jumping aboard and hanging on! Thank you also to the new friends I’ve made as well. I hope to keep growing and expanding, and perhaps even diversifying a bit more in the months to come as I stretch into new areas and try new styles.

Hit Me Baby 20000 More Times…

Apologies to Britney Spears for the butchered title… but I crossed the 20,000 hit milestone earlier today. I had thought I might get there by the end of March, so I only missed my guess by a few days. I almost stayed up last night until it happened, but ultimately decided I enjoyed sleep far too much to put that off!

20000 Blog HitsWhen I crossed 10,000 hits, I made a nifty little animated GIF last year… so I was prepared to do that again for this milestone, and earlier in the week decided to build upon what I’d done previously. I think this makes for a nice simple way to celebrate hitting 20,000 while acknowledging what came before. For what it’s worth, it took me eleven months to get to the first plateau, but only nine more months to get to this one. That’s slow, but steady, progress.

Thanks go to everyone who has visited, and visited again, as well as those who might be seeing this very post on their first visit here. I hope you all stick around and bring in more friends… or enemies, your enemies are also welcome. 🙂 Here’s hoping to pick up the pace and be around for a while!

‘Sects hits 400, blog nearing 700!

I wasn’t really paying attention, or I’d have mentioned at least one of these things sooner. Because of skipping a few days here and there, it so happens that I posted my 400th episode of ‘Sects this week, on Monday. I wasn’t even aware of it when it happened. I did the math and figured it out yesterday!

Meanwhile, I completely blew by my 600th blog post quite a while back to virtually no fanfare… and only because I noticed the other thing this week did I realize I’m getting close to my 700th blog post. That’s a lot of blogging in under two years!

Meanwhile, I’m coming close to 20,000 hits on the blog… it should happen this month. I’m thinking about updating my 10,000 hit animated gif to mark this occasion. Al of these things having happened in just about 20 months of existence for the blog.

I’m having fun, even when I get behind sometimes… and there’s still lots of things I want to blog about… draw… and who knows what else in the coming months. If you like anything I’ve been doing here at the blog, please tell two friends (and have them tell two friends, and so on…) and don’t forget to find me on Facebook as well.

Thanks, as always, to everyone new and old who keeps giving me reason to keep the weirdness here going!

Behind the Scenes Milestones…

Some belated announcements, because that’s how I roll! 🙂

A few weeks ago I passed the 500th blog post milestone. Lots of different things covered in all those posts, with only a couple of them being posts about how many blog posts had been made at previous milestones!

Of more significance to me, however, was what happened yesterday…

Tuesday’s episode of the ‘Sects comic strip was the 300th episode counting all the dailies and Sunday editions. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I began this adventure with my insect characters. Other times it seems like it has been nearly a year, which is appropriate, because I launched ‘Sects in 2014 during the week of Thanksgiving… so we are very nearly at the one year anniversary of the strip as well!

For any milestones I have achieved, I want to thank all the people who have followed my blog from the beginning… new fans who have found me as I plugged along over the last year or so… and those of you who have also been checking me out on Facebook or Deviantart or anywhere else I might be lurking.

Thanks everyone! I hope to continue creating silliness for another year, and perhaps have some new or semi-new things to announce along the way as well. Stay tuned…

‘Sects Weekend Cleanup…

Sects Logo 2
Some behind the scenes cleanup… a couple of weeks ago I celebrated the 100th episode of ‘Sects. This past Friday was the 100th daily post. The only reason I bothered to count that as a mini-milestone is because when I first started ‘Sects I was only doing the comic strip Monday through Friday. The Sunday edition didn’t begin until earlier this year.

So… to celebrate that mini-milestone… I skipped this Sunday’s edition! Okay, that’s not the whole story. Truth be told, with the cliffhanger ending I had on Friday… that I’ve actually been building to for a while… it left me in a weird limbo for what to do yesterday. My Sunday editions don’t directly follow the day-to-day storyline, but they have to exist within that continuity.

The only clean way to do it… was to just skip yesterday until I’m farther into the main story. Rest assured, there is a plan to make up for it… I will revisit the lost Sunday at some point when you least expect it!

Oh, and a random coincidence… this past Friday’s post was also my 300th post of any kind to this blog. They add up fast!

‘Sects Passes a Milestone…

Sects Logo 2
This past Friday (03/27/2015) was the 100th episode of my ‘Sects comic strip. It is now the longest running of all my comic strips so far. This milestone came and went quietly, I suspect, for most of you… but I did take notice a couple of weeks ago of its approach.

I decided not to do anything special for the story, as it naturally broke at the end of a week in the form of a cliffhanger as it always would have anyway. It’s nice when everything comes together like that. You will, however, begin to see some changes going forward.

The first tweak, is a change to a more natural lettering font for the dialog. Along with that, I will be slightly changing the presentation of the dialog itself. As the comic strip grew and I added more characters, I realized there were some limitations to the way I was constructing things previously that I wanted to address.

By the way… the one hundred episodes so far were ninety of the Monday through Friday episodes and ten of the Sunday editions. What does this mean?  It means in two weeks we have another mini-anniversary of the 100th non-weekend episode!

‘Sects is often strange fun, but there is still lots of story left to tell and more characters yet to be introduced. I hope everyone will continue to enjoy what’s soon to come. Please share and tell all your friends to take a look and catch up. Things are going to get interesting!

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