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‘Sects Saturday 02/25/2017


*It’s funny ’cause it’s true… you can’t explain science… to people unwilling to listen! 🙂 Ironically, the people who demand the most proof from you are often the ones who provide the least proof themselves.

Where the BLEEP are the Cartoons?

Regular followers of my blog have been getting a lot less ‘Sects lately than they have become accustomed to receiving. So… yeah, about that….

Were there technical issues? Yes, some.
Are you burnt out? No, lots of ideas yet to explore!
Did you decide to take a break? Maybe…
Are you just lazy and trying to cover that up? Probably…
Did you try and get cute and incorporate something that wasn’t part of the story only to realize that it screwed up the flow of what was coming next and you didn’t know how to untangle that? I plead the fifth!

Bottom line… there is no one answer for why I’ve had to skip a few days over the last couple of weeks. But sometimes things happen, and I think the smarter play has been to not force anything that wasn’t funny or part of the bigger plan just to say I haven’t missed a day.  Everybody takes a day off now and than, and honestly… that has not been in my makeup.

Sure, when I’m unemployed it seems like every day is a day off… except for the stress and worry.. but when I’m working, I rarely take days off. I traditionally worked through holidays too as long as I was paid. I’m just not a time-off vacation person. But, creatively, you do need a break. Just like I need to get up and walk around and get some water during a day of drawing… sometimes I need to take a day or five off from forcing my brain to do particular things.

All that said… Sunday (tomorrow) is either going to be really funny or irritating or (if I do it right) hopefully both! 🙂 And then I can get back to the regular schedule of intended nonsense to end February as originally planned and to move into the March fun as well. It is a little ironic, though, that on the shortest month of the year I posted proportionally less than usual. I mean, there would be less posts in a short month, obviously, but this month is way shorter than usual.

Anyway… hopefully back to your regularly scheduled nonsense… and random things… going forward… unless I see something shiny and get distracted again! 🙂

‘Sects Wednesday 01/06/2016


Free Comic Book Day This Weekend!

Free Comic Book Day – 05/02/2015

Just a heads-up for anyone near a comic book shop that this weekend is the annual free goodies celebration! Remember to stop by your local shop on Saturday and see what they have to offer. Anyone who hasn’t been in a local store in a while, there is no better time to find one and drop in!

For anyone in Raleigh, NC I always recommend Capitol Comics on 5212 Hollyridge Dr. Full disclosure, I worked there many moons ago… back when the Earth was as new. Wait, that’s Star Trek… but seriously I did work there (technically at a different location) as one of my earliest jobs while in college. The owner Ken Pleasant isn’t ironically named at all… he makes nice people seem mean by comparison!

There will be guests and free stuff and even a raffle to benefit a good cause. If you stop by there this weekend be sure and let Ken know it’s my fault you’re there! 🙂

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