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Absence Makes the Blog Grow Flounder…

It has been quite a while now since my last post… and even longer than that since my postings were actually regular. Lots of reasons for that, some more interesting than others. Long story short, I haven’t had the time to blog as much as I would have liked, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped creating. While the comic strips have been on hiatus, I’ve still been stockpiling ideas and also drawing lots of other things. Shortly I hope to begin catching up on a lot of old art from the last several months so you can see what I’ve been up to during my semi-absence. I may also have some bits of interesting news to share as well… and when I’m ready to be more regular again, the comics will come back. I still have wacky Fringe Kisses ideas, want to revisit the From Where I Sit folks, and definitely need to get back to the story of Buzz and the gang in ‘Sects!

Thanks to those who have been sticking with me… and especially those of you who have checked-in to see what was up with the lack of updates! I hope to be back in the regular posting game soon… Stay tuned!


The Shaving Curse (FWIS), all-at-once!

Here is an unpublished From Where I Sit story from last year. I never really found a good time to run this one back then because other ideas kept creeping into my brain… but I like the fairy tale nature of this particular all-at-once group of episodes!


‘Sects and the Single Blogger

With less than minimal fanfare, this past Thursday was the 200th episode of ‘Sects! The path there was comprised of 174 dailies and 26 Sunday editions. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was celebrating the 100th episode. As I contemplate this milestone, I am pleased by many things.

I am as excited about this comic strip today as I was 200 episodes ago. That doesn’t mean the ideas always come easily, but even in times of writer’s block, I can’t wait to dive into creating the next episode. I also take frequent peeks back at older stories, and I find that most of them hold up against what I’m doing today. It’s nice for me to see that the earliest ideas I posted when I was less confident about the comic are now ones I can look back upon and be proud of posting.

Meanwhile, another anniversary happened today. I made my first post of any kind on this blog back on July 25, 2014. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for a whole year now! When I first started, I had a completely different comic strip, From Where I Sit, that actually helped get me a guest invitation at a local comic book convention. I still have some unpublished stories from this comic strip as well as other ideas that I hope to get back to eventually. This comic strip actually passed 100 episodes itself before I put it on the back-burner to go full-steam-ahead with ‘Sects.

In between then and now, I’ve also posted other random things that I’ve drawn along with some funny (or at least things I thought were funny) bits of prose. I also have another comic strip, Fringe Kisses, that has itself ran for 50 episodes as a random single-panel gag cartoon.

In totality, this blog has over 400 posts encompassing all the comic strips and other things I’ve blogged so far. It’s only fitting that nearly half of them belong to my current comic strip, ‘Sects, since I’m perhaps the most proud of it out of anything I’ve done on my site.

So, as I begin the second year of blogging… I hope everyone who has found me and followed me so far has enjoyed most of what I’ve been doing. Thank you to everyone who found me early and has stuck with me… thank you to all my newest followers who continue to find me somehow in the rat maze of the Internet… and thank you to everyone who helps spread the word around and keeps telling people to check out all my online nonsense!

I hope to continue bringing you more, and better things… and possibly a few good surprises in the weeks and months to come!

Kate Expectations (FWIS), all-at-once!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the blogs, From Where I Sit returns! Well, for today anyway… This particular comic strip is peeking out from its hiatus for an all-at-once weekend story, inspired by a dream I had recently. It’s unfortunate timing, though, as I read this week how IFC decided not to renew the Garfunkel and Oates show for a second season.


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