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Jane Pin-Up Color Flats

Here is another example of color flatting that I completed recently. It’s another pin-up, but a bit more detailed than the last one I posted. I also grabbed the original source for this one from Digital Webbing. There was an art and coloring contest there, one in which I did not participate, and this was the sample line art provided to use for coloring in the contest. I wish I could find the original artist to properly credit the person here, so if anyone reading this post knows, please let me know so that I can edit this and properly give credit to the original artist.

The first picture below is the original line art composited with the flat colors, while the second picture is just the flats by themselves (i.e. the bit that I did for this pin-up).

Once again, this one just happens to accidentally be mostly appropriate colors. When flatting a single-character pin-up it is much easier to try and use potential final colors for most things along the way and get those decisions out of the way. When I get around to being able to post some sequential pages of color flatting, you’ll get to see more of the semi-random flatting that is more typical of this kind of work. Not being intimately familiar with this particular character, and knowing nothing except her name, Jane, I had to guess in some places about costume detail… but believe I hit most of the major points with flat colors. There are a few places where the costume might be broken down further, depending on the colorist intentions for finishing this piece. But otherwise, I think a pretty solidly flatted pin-up page with lots of little details to pick out.

Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as a Flatter, please use the Contact page and provide me with as much information as you can about your request.

Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute

So, I meant to get back to the comic strip last weekend, but then this other thing happened… The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute is a two volume hardback graphic novel set featuring creators from all over telling a huge Tellos story in honor of Mike Wieringo, with proceeds from sales of the book going to the ASPCA. Volume I came out last month, but copies are still available directly from the Web site, which is the only way you can order it. Volume II pre-order cutoff is tomorrow, July 10th and the book will actually be released the second week of September.

You should care because this is an awesome collection of work from fabulous creative people… you should care because Mike Wieringo was a tremendous talent and an even better person, and is definitely missed in the world… and you should care because proceeds benefit the ASPCA. But, if it helps you to care a little more… I’ve been working on Volume II of the book pretty much non-stop for the past week! I’ve been providing assistance to several different colorists working all over the book in order to help them get their work done faster. My contribution has been flatting the pages in preparation for the colorists to come in and work their flair and magic to make things really pop!

In a separate blog post, I plan on explaining a bit more about just what flatting is in this context… and I’ll even show some sample pages I’ve done that helped me get onto this particular assignment. What I can’t do, for now, is I can’t show any of the pages I’ve worked on for the Tellos project nor can I talk about the contents of the pages or the story. Check back with me once the book has been published, and I’ll see if I have permission at that time to make some blog posts and share the actual work I’ve done for this book.

But, this will be my first official professional credit. When Volume II comes out, I’ll be officially part of the team as a “coloring assistant” or something like that. So, I’m getting to work with a lot of cool new people… doing some fun work… benefiting a good cause… and being a part of a project that is truly special given the subject of the tribute. I met Todd DeZago and Mike Wieringo countless times at comic conventions over the years… even got to have a spontaneous lunch once with Mike Wieringo and Scott Hampton when I had gone to their studio in Hillsborough, NC to pick up a piece of art that I had bought from Scott Hampton. The thing is, I remember when those guys (Todd & Mike) were just getting started, and doing great work but not getting the big lines at the shows… It was cool for me to get to spend a lot of time chatting with them, but the year the first Tellos book came out… I was very happy to see they had a long line to get to their table! I remember telling them I would miss the days of the long chats, but was happy to see them getting the recognition they deserved. It was tough when Mike Wieringo passed away about ten years ago.. so being a part of this project has a special meaning to me, as I’m sure it does for a lot of the contributors.

Anyway… Please take a look at the link to the Web site and order Volume I while you still can… get that order for Volume II in as well before it’s too late, and you can say you know someone who worked a bunch of the pages in that one! 🙂

Holly, Holly, Holly is a Blue Fairy Here!

Apologies to the incomparable and classic Schoolhouse Rock for the title to this article!

So, a friend recently asked me to draw a picture for her. I asked if there was anything specific Holly had in mind, and her only request was that I somehow involve blue butterflies. I thought about it for a couple of days, then inspiration struck, and I decided to have a go at the Blue Fairy. Fairies appear in a lot of childhood stories, and the Blue Fairy is perhaps most famous from Disney’s version of Pinocchio.

Drawing real people is tricky, especially if it is someone you know and don’t want to disappoint. I really wasn’t overly worried about anything else except how Holly would react to seeing my version of her on the page. Of course my stock in trade leans towards cartoon, without exaggeration, so I strive for imagery that resembles the actual person but is not an exact replication. That leaves me some room for error and embellishment!

I actually drew just her face first… checking flesh tones and getting that down… and she was okay with that, so I then worked on and off for another week at random times filling in the details and flourishes until I finished it earlier this week and showed her the final design…

Blue Fairy Holly

I was pleased with how this one turned out all around. It doesn’t look exactly like Holly, I took some liberties in the design and of course she isn’t actually a fairy in real life (as far as I know), but she does really have that butterfly tattoo on her foot :). I’m happiest with how the flying butterflies look as well as the larger version of those same butterfly wings for Holly as the Blue Fairy.

FYI, it was an eleventh hour decision to encase her in the semi-transparent bubble. I kept thinking the picture looked empty, but didn’t really want to add a busy background that might distract from the butterflies… and inspiration struck again as I thought of encasing them all inside that bubble. It was never in the plan until it was the plan, and I think it kind of makes the whole thing work.

I already know what Holly thinks… but everyone else, please, chime in and let me know what you think of this one. Also, remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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