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Long Time No See…

So, yeah… it’s been a couple of weeks, give or take. Sadly it also meant I missed celebrating the two-year anniversary of ‘Sects too! But… I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks. Just when I thought I was getting out, it pulled me back in again! Some unknown virus, maybe the flu, made me an offer I wanted to refuse… but alas, could not… which meant chaos for the blog.

But… hopefully I can get back on track. I have a backlog of stuff I’ve drawn and haven’t gotten around to posting. I’m also starting up the ‘Sects comic strip again. I’ve got a lot of good skipped days to fill with backstory one of these days when I get the time, and I have some cool ideas about how to do that in a creative and hopefully entertaining way… but for now, back to the funny… and hopefully no skipping days for a while!

Is it weird, though, that I picked up a bunch of new blog followers and daily visits didn’t seem to suffer much from my not being able to post new content in a couple of weeks? Is my blog more popular somehow without new content? 🙂

The Hits Keep on Coming!

I knew it was coming this weekend… just not when, and I still do not know by whom… but in celebration of my 10,000th blog hit I created a special animation for you.

10000 Blog HitsI’ve been blogging for a shade less than 11 months now and, considering I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, it feels like I made it to 10,000 hits pretty quickly. Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog, and especially those who have been here from the very beginning! I wouldn’t be here without the likes and the comments from all of you.

Now… if each of you will tell two friends, and they tell two friends… and so on… and so on… (as that famous shampoo commercial once demanded) then we will all have successfully united the world in unifying annoyance with me! 🙂

And now, with that self-celebration out of the way, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming… which, actually, is nothing until later tonight when it is time to post the Monday episode of ‘Sects!

‘Sects Tuesday 05/12/2015


Free Comic Book Day This Weekend!

Free Comic Book Day – 05/02/2015

Just a heads-up for anyone near a comic book shop that this weekend is the annual free goodies celebration! Remember to stop by your local shop on Saturday and see what they have to offer. Anyone who hasn’t been in a local store in a while, there is no better time to find one and drop in!

For anyone in Raleigh, NC I always recommend Capitol Comics on 5212 Hollyridge Dr. Full disclosure, I worked there many moons ago… back when the Earth was as new. Wait, that’s Star Trek… but seriously I did work there (technically at a different location) as one of my earliest jobs while in college. The owner Ken Pleasant isn’t ironically named at all… he makes nice people seem mean by comparison!

There will be guests and free stuff and even a raffle to benefit a good cause. If you stop by there this weekend be sure and let Ken know it’s my fault you’re there! 🙂

‘Sects Wednesday 04/22/2015


‘Sects Friday 02/06/2015


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