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Inauguration Day Movie Poster Parody

So… I actually composed this meme back in January, in time for the Inauguration… but recent events have made it perhaps even more relevant today so I’m finally getting around to putting it on the blog. I still have a lot of stuff that I’ve done this year that never managed to make it to the blog, but I’m starting to try and catch up!

I did post this on Facebook back then, to mixed reactions… including at least one Donald Trump supporter who didn’t “get it” apparently. I thought it was a pretty good parody of the Independence Day movie poster, juxtaposed with reaction to last year’s Presidential election here in the US. Nothing super-profound or anything… just an obvious jab. 🙂 It’s a mixture of bits from the original movie poster and some heads of appropriate political figures (Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin) that I found on the Internet to mash-up together in Photoshop.

Let me know what you think, and remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.


Absence Makes the Blog Grow Flounder…

It has been quite a while now since my last post… and even longer than that since my postings were actually regular. Lots of reasons for that, some more interesting than others. Long story short, I haven’t had the time to blog as much as I would have liked, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped creating. While the comic strips have been on hiatus, I’ve still been stockpiling ideas and also drawing lots of other things. Shortly I hope to begin catching up on a lot of old art from the last several months so you can see what I’ve been up to during my semi-absence. I may also have some bits of interesting news to share as well… and when I’m ready to be more regular again, the comics will come back. I still have wacky Fringe Kisses ideas, want to revisit the From Where I Sit folks, and definitely need to get back to the story of Buzz and the gang in ‘Sects!

Thanks to those who have been sticking with me… and especially those of you who have checked-in to see what was up with the lack of updates! I hope to be back in the regular posting game soon… Stay tuned!

Those Who Throw Milestones…

So… as I sit to type this live on the blog, the hit counter is at 29,999. To paraphrase from classic Doctor Who, this moment has been prepared for…


Over the weekend I prepared the above simple animation, knowing the milestone would probably happen early this week.  Truth be told, this probably would have happened in January but the combination of illnesses and some Internet outages took away from my normal stream of visitors. I didn’t lose any followers (thank you all!) during those times but I did obviously lose hits those days when I hadn’t posted new nonsense.

I’ve continued the tradition of building upon the first animation I made when I hit the 10,000 hit milestone… then again at 20,000. Will I keep doing this?  Who knows. I kind of like keeping the aspect of where-I-came-from by continually building on what came before for each new milestone.

Meanwhile… some less celebrated, but still occurring, milestones…  I have over 975 posts on the blog now. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will make the 1000th post on the blog. I’ll try and pay attention and do something special for that. That’s a lot of blogging in about 2.5 years!  Also of note… at some point this past week I reached 650 episodes of my comic strip ‘Sects on the blog. I’ve had a lot of skipped days, some will be revisited, or that count could have been higher.  Again, lots of nonsense from me the last couple of years! 🙂

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who follows, and everyone who visits regularly. You give me encouragement to keep the nonsense going. Thank you!  Also thank you to everyone who randomly stops by irregularly… one day I’ll ensnare you in my web of nonsense! 😉

Collecting the Recently Retro-Posted ‘Sects Episodes…

As promised when I returned from my week-long absence due to illness and lack of Internet… I’ve been catching up and trying not to flood too much in the process. All the episodes of ‘Sects from the past week or so are up now, but all were retro-posted. This means that they were back-dated to make it easier for finding them in the archives, but harder to find as new posts for my followers who just use their WordPress Reader.

To make things easier, below are links to all of the recently retro-posted episodes in case you haven’t seen a new cartoon since last Tuesday’s (02/07/2017) episode:

‘Sects Wednesday 02/08/2017
‘Sects Thursday 02/09/2017
‘Sects Friday 02/10/2017

‘Sects Monday 02/13/2017
‘Sects Tuesday 02/14/2017
‘Sects Wednesday 02/15/2017
‘Sects Thursday 02/16/2017

Read all those, and you’re all caught up! There was no Sunday comic last week as that was the height of my sickness… and I skipped Friday this week to get back on schedule so I will be posting a Saturday episode this week instead that will go up very shortly. Thanks again for the patience, and I hope everyone enjoys catching up on my nonsense! 🙂

Sometimes Life Intrudes on Fiction (or Why There Have Been No Posts Lately)

Ah… remember back when I used to post most every day… that comic strip ‘Sects and other such things? Yeah… me too. Good times… good times!

So, about that…

A perfect storm of nastiness… I was fighting a nasty cold, lots of congestion and other generally non-fun things for a week or so but was finally looking like I was about to turn a corner by the weekend, but then Sunday I entered a hurling contest of the worst kind (think about it) and I won! Or I lost… cookies were tossed. I’ve been on another slow mend this week to recover from that!

But, that’s not why there have been no cartoons.  The only day I actually didn’t feel like drawing was Sunday. I was in a bad way that day… then slept most of Monday but at least wasn’t sick, just weak and back to cartoons.  So, Sunday is skipped with no return… but I’ve been doing all the others, since last week.

The reason I couldn’t post… is because I also lost Internet sometime late Tuesday night of last week. So I couldn’t tell people I was sick or post anything or argue with people on the Internet about politics or religion! 🙂 The humanity!

But I’m back… and tonight I’m going to be retro-loading last week’s cartoons. That means Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday episodes of ‘Sects from last week will be going up shortly but they will be going up as if they were posted on their proper dates, thereby making it easier for people to find them via search and by the calendar. Tomorrow I will post some more from this week, and hopefully be caught up by the weekend so I can post Sunday on schedule and be back on track.

Once I am back on track, I will post a link post that contains links to all the ones I’ve retro-posted so that if you are a follower who just checks your WordPress Reader you can use that to more easily find all the ones you missed.

Hopefully I’m back for a while again without interruption! Thanks for being patient and I hope the horrible puns and terrible jokes are down to my usual standards for you. 🙂

Long Time No See…

So, yeah… it’s been a couple of weeks, give or take. Sadly it also meant I missed celebrating the two-year anniversary of ‘Sects too! But… I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks. Just when I thought I was getting out, it pulled me back in again! Some unknown virus, maybe the flu, made me an offer I wanted to refuse… but alas, could not… which meant chaos for the blog.

But… hopefully I can get back on track. I have a backlog of stuff I’ve drawn and haven’t gotten around to posting. I’m also starting up the ‘Sects comic strip again. I’ve got a lot of good skipped days to fill with backstory one of these days when I get the time, and I have some cool ideas about how to do that in a creative and hopefully entertaining way… but for now, back to the funny… and hopefully no skipping days for a while!

Is it weird, though, that I picked up a bunch of new blog followers and daily visits didn’t seem to suffer much from my not being able to post new content in a couple of weeks? Is my blog more popular somehow without new content? 🙂

Technical Difficulties and Lack of Recent Updates…

So… anyone new to the blog over the last week has found a ghost town, lacking only tumbleweeds to seal the deal. I hope I haven’t missed out on any new followers as a result! Regulars have probably wondered just what the heck happened. Well, to make a long story short, I’ve been without Internet since last Friday… so for the past seven days roughly it was not possible for me to check emails or post to the blog or do any number of other things I wanted to do.

But, I’m back… in black… yes I am… wait… that’s a song… I am back, though! I have been doing a lot of new drawings during the impromptu hiatus, so there will be a LOT of new posts coming your way over the next few days to make up for lost time. Also, I did continue with new ‘Sects episodes that I will be posting this weekend as well. Hopefully everything will be back on a normal schedule by Monday, but, here’s where things will get confusing for some so bear with me…

To make things easier for future followers and to make it easier to re-read old episodes, I am going to back-date all the posts of ‘Sects episodes so that they appear to have been posted on the regularly scheduled dates. They will be in order, and if you visit the blog it’s no big deal… but if you’re using the WordPress Reader then it means you’ll have to scroll back in time to see them. To help out a bit, once I’ve posted all the missed episodes for the past week, I will come back and edit this post and add active links to each day’s episode to make it easier for you to find them.

On the plus side, I think I did some funny bits while unable to post… and I’ve got a bunch of other drawings to post as well that I hope you’ll like. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me, sorry for the temporary absence, and I hope these will all be worth the wait!

‘Sects Friday 10/07/2016
‘Sects Sunday 10/09/2016 (I skipped this one for now, to be revisited in the future!)
‘Sects Monday 10/10/2016
‘Sects Tuesday 10/11/2016
‘Sects Wednesday 10/12/2016
‘Sects Thursday 10/13/2016
‘Sects Friday 10/14/2016

Milestone Madness!

I did some math earlier in the week and realized that my 800th post was going to happen over the weekend. I had some choice as to what to actually post as number 800, but decided to go ahead and let the 800th post be about various milestones happening this month. Tomorrow (July 25th) is also the two year anniversary of starting this blog. If you’re at all curious, go take a look at the very first post (appropriately an early comic strip) I made on the blog way back on July 25th, 2014.

A milestone that occurred earlier this week… ‘Sects had its 500th episode! I also realized counting the ‘Sects milestones are tricky. I have skipped some days here and there, and that’s easy enough to keep track of… but there was also one day last year when I actually posted two episodes in the same day! So… the 500th new episode was posted on Wednesday this past week… but the 500th day of unique episodes actually happened on Thursday.

An honorary mention is the hit counter…  I’m just under 24,500 hits on the blog in two years. It has been a slow uphill climb, gaining followers and regular visits over the years. I’ve definitely got a strong loyal following now, but I’m always hoping to expand… hence why I gave up the ghost and joined Facebook last year to provide additional promotion for my work.

Thank you to everyone who has been here for the long haul… thank you also to all the newly following! I hope I continue to create things that engage you in some manner, whether it be in quality of the art or the silliness of the idea. Please, if you really enjoy any of the things I do here, tell your friends and let’s see how much we can blow this thing up for year three!

Sometimes You Need A Break from ‘Sects…

Eagle-eyed observers, folks who aren’t easily fooled, and basically anyone who pays attention will note that there was no new ‘Sects episode this Sunday. Chalk it up to a need to catch up on some sleep and a decision to not force-feed creativity just to make Sunday happen. But, because of that… I’ll give you a sneak peak at a little bit of process stuff to semi-make-up for that.

Early on, I knew I was going to be re-using stuff in my digital Web comic. That’s part of the beauty of it… draw some good backgrounds and stuff once and you get to re-use them. It also allowed me to start with sparse backgrounds in the beginning only to build brick walls and other things over time into the backgrounds and have a bit more complexity while not driving myself nuts in the early days!

What I wasn’t smart about, however, was making things easy to access. I have to go back through the archives and find backgrounds and objects that I want to re-use, and that can be tedious. Recently I’ve started gathering up some of the things into source files so that I can more easily locate stuff I want to re-use. Now that I have that, even though I haven’t rounded up all my old stuff, I at least create new stuff in the new space so I’m not perpetuating the process. Here’s a sneak-peak at what one such file looks like…

Sects ObjectsIf you look closely, there’s a couple of things that haven’t yet been used… Spoilers! Eventually I hope to go back and scavenge all my objects and all of my different backgrounds as well. My characters are mostly all together, but some of Buzz‘s special costumes/disguises are all over the place right now and I need to organize all of those as well. Anyway, just a peak into the madness of my mind to make up for the lack of ‘Sects this weekend.

Quick “Wha Hoppen” Update…

So… there was no Sunday episode of ‘Sects yesterday (Sunday). Not entirely intentional, but not entirely by accident either. I’ve just accepted now that sometimes it will happen… or rather not happen… and so, with this little non-explanation out of the way just so you know you didn’t miss anything… back to the cartoons! 🙂

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