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Batgirl 1966 Costume Bust Illustration

Late last night I read about the unfortunate passing of Yvonne Craig after a long battle with cancer. I remember fondly watching the Batman TV show as a kid after school, and loving the altered opening credits that meant Batgirl was going to be on the show that day! I later came to see her in Star Trek and other things… but I think I’ll always remember her as Batgirl from when I was 6 or 7 years old. For lack of a better tribute, here’s a reblog of a post I made earlier this year of her Batgirl costume from the TV show…

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Because I demanded it! The costume bust illustration series continues… As already established in a previous blog entry, I am a fan of the classic Adam West Batman TV show from the 1960s. As such, it was only natural to create an illustration of the Batgirl costume from that TV show.

Batgirl 1966 CostumeI’m really happy with how this one turned out! I decided to draw to her waist on this illustration, because it just didn’t feel right not to include those gloves. Feel free to imagine Yvonne Craig in there, even though I didn’t draw her. Who will be next in this captivating costume-only series? Will the annoying alliteration be amped further? Stay tuned to this same bat-blog for the next extremely exhilarating entry!

By the way, here’s a link to the inaugural entry in the costume bust illustration series, in case you missed it. Remember, if you are interested…

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South Park and Robot Armageddon

Lightning has struck again! A couple of weeks ago Castle tread into territory I had previously visited in a comic strip. Last night’s South Park on Comedy Central has now done this as well!

Without giving too much of the story away…  last night’s new episode “The Magic Bush” had a B-story (hah, that’s funnier than I intended it to be) about drones! Once again, this is territory I visited practically in the beginning of my “From Where I Sit” strip.

Check out Droning On and see why you too should be worried about drones and the robot armageddon!

Tight Pants and Long Hair

This is not the blog post you are looking for…

So, I was out yesterday running errands. I noticed many people, admittedly mostly women since that’s how I’m wired, with long hair and tight pants. It got me to thinking. Are the pants comfortable? Is the hair worth the maintenance?

I’m admittedly not in optimal physical condition right now. That honestly stated, I have never been a fan of form-fitting clothing, regardless of my condition. I remember the last time I was in really good shape and many people didn’t notice just how much I had toned myself because I was still wearing much of the same clothing. Some people asked why I didn’t get clothes that fit me better. I ultimately did get some new clothes, but I still wore clothing that was loose rather than form-fitting.

Now I’m not saying some people don’t look good in the clothes… but for me it was always restrictive and made me feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, I primarily dress for two reasons:

  1. Not to be naked.
  2. For comfort.

Yes, I dress up for the situations that require it… I’m not that much of a rebel! But generally speaking, those are my two criteria and in that order. If I’m not comfortable then I’m miserable. Loose-fitting clothing all the way for me!

I have worn my hair long and short, and a beard sometimes to match. Right now both are a little longer than I would like but it suits the creative/artistic/eccentric me. However, soon I will resemble my other self and not the one people saw recently at my comic book convention appearance with the longer hair and beard.

The longer my hair gets (with or without the companion beard) the tougher it is to maintain. Washing it takes longer… combing it takes longer… and though I’m not an every-hair-in-place guy, it still takes increasingly more time to care for and maintain longer hair than it does shorter hair. Eventually I reach that breaking point where my laziness at cutting my hair is beaten by my annoyance at maintaining the length to which it has grown.

I look different with longer hair than I do with shorter hair. That cannot be denied. I can’t judge better or worse in such things… just different. I’m still me… and unlike the story of Samson & Delilah, I do not gain or lose strength with the length of my hair.

The internet and fans of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” witnessed head-explosions when the new season started and actress Kaley Cuoco showed up with really short hair. I found myself amazed at the depth of the reactions. Some claimed it ruined the show… others claimed it ruined the actress! Think for a second… her hair is likely to grow back… and even if not, she’s ruined with a haircut? Really?

You can’t help but notice, obviously… but she looks and sounds like the same person to me. I wasn’t freaked out. I wasn’t even surprised. I am a guy who notices such things. I’m not the guy who sees a girl with a different hairstyle and is oblivious to why she looks different. I just don’t care. I see the same person with different hair. The earth didn’t open up and release the Kraken because a girl gets a short haircut, but you wouldn’t know it from how a lot of people reacted!

Castle and Invisibility

Earlier tonight I watched ABC‘s Castle from Monday night. Full disclosure, while I am a Nathan Fillion fan, I did not watch this series from the beginning. It’s another show that I didn’t pick up interest in until it hit daily syndication on TNT. I am glad I finally started watching the show, and I do watch it nearly live now!

The episode “Clear & Present Danger” was particularly interesting to me as it hits several of the notes I hit a while back in my “From Where I Sit” comic strip. I will not go into detail to avoid spoiling it for those who haven’t watched yet, but I recommend you read my timely story as a companion piece to this week’s episode.

Read “Invisibility for All” and see why it’s a bad idea to invent invisibility… and I called it weeks ago!

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