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Stink and the Title Recreation That Definitely Does Not

Back in February a friend of mine, Kurt Belcher, contacted me and asked if I could recreate a comic logo for him as part of a project that he was working. Stink is published by Source Point Press, and they had a title/logo designed by Sheldon Vella, but needed a scalable version for use on the book title, spine, and various promotional materials. It was a fun design to recreate, even though it was not a design of my own.

Contents of the graphic novel itself are by Chuck Messinger and Kurt Belcher. The story is of a post-apocalyptic world where three weird friends – chain-smoking unicorn Ray, failed fairy godfather Bundy, and evil cursed prince Michael – make their way in the aftermath. Check it out for sale now on Amazon!

For anyone who picks up this book, please let me know. Also remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator or Letterer, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.


Facebook Reaction Icons Logo Recreation

Back in October, for something in my ‘Sects comic strip, I wanted to parody Facebook a bit. I had a plot point where the Internet was down and one of my characters was so ill-equipped to handle being disconnected that he was running around putting these little stickers on everything the same way he would like a Facebook post. 🙂  So that meant I had to create these emoji…


Fairly simple logo recreation work here. Nothing complicated, but there is genius in simplicity sometimes… and now that I have these clean vector renderings I can use them all over the place!

Pokemon No!

Okay, it’s another popular craze in which I, yet again, am not partaking… but it’s getting harder to deny Pokemon Go is a thing. Too many people making the news using the app on their mobile devices for me to ignore it any longer. So… I have a few ideas what I can do and have some fun with the concept. But first, I needed to recreate their official logo design, and that’s just what I did this weekend!

Pokemon Go Logo Recreation

Whenever I’m planning a parody of something, as usual, I like to start with a clean reproduction of the original as I’ve done here with the Pokemon Go logo. It’s actually a pretty dynamic and attractive logo, and I hope I’ve served it well with my recreation. You can expect to see some form of parody show up elsewhere on my blog in the not-so-distant future… count on it! 🙂

Remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

Oasis Title Design Work in Progress

A long time ago I wrote something I called an experiment in prosetry… It was poetry masquerading as prose, or so I liked to tell myself. I didn’t really do anything with it, but I revisit it from time to time. Recently, mainly since starting my blog, I started thinking about how I might be able to tweak the story a bit and perhaps make a short illustrated story out of it.

I have some visuals in mind for parts of the story, and other parts are less refined. I never seem to have the time to really work on it or sketch anything out like I’d want… but I finally sat down the other day and worked up this one thing.

Oasis Logo wipThe idea here is that on the opening splash page, the title of the story would appear as part of the art. It’s a thing you see a lot in comic storytelling, where names or titles are worked into an opening or closing panel of a story. I basically wanted to just see if the idea in my head would work as well on the page. So, I created this mainly as a proof of concept and hopefully to serve as a reminder that I really need to work on the actual story sometime! The design itself might have to be reworked to match the rest of the story art, depending on the style I end up using for that, but I think it mostly works in the way I wanted it to work.

Let me know what you think, and remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

Batman vs Superman Movie Logo Revisited

As I mentioned when I posted my recreation of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie logo the other day… I went back and made those cutouts around the “S” shield full cutouts so that the logo can be used on any background, and not just a black one as I had originally done.

Batman v Superman Logo RevisitedWith this updated version, on a white background, you can more clearly see how the “S” shield is formed within the bat symbol.

Batman vs Superman Movie Logo

The more I kept looking at it, the more interesting it became. Speaking, of course, of the logo from the movie posters for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For some reason, and on not much sleep, I decided late last night to tackle this… so tackle it I did!

Batman v Superman LogoAs I was drawing this, I was having a hard time visualizing everything that was going on with that “S” in the middle. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my brain around it after staying up all night… but I kept methodically plodding along until it felt finished. When I woke up this morning after about 8 hours of sleep, and looked at this again, I was pleasantly amazed at how I now easily understood the construction and that somehow I had managed to capture it correctly with my brain on autopilot!

The only thing I didn’t do… that I might do later…  those cutouts for the “S” in the middle aren’t really cutouts. It all looks better with black behind it, so I did it that way… but in truth, these should be cutouts so you can see through them to the background behind… whatever that might be. I’ll probably tweak it and make a version with true cutouts later just in case I need it for something else.

Let me know what you think and remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

When A Signature Becomes Art

So I was doing some riffs this past week on the origins of the names for the days of the week in my ‘Sects comic strip… and I knew Thursday was going to be about Thor. Given the silly nature of my comic strip, I couldn’t help but make mention of the Marvel Comics character, which meant I was going to give a shout out to Stan Lee as creator and perhaps the most famous Thor writer/artist of all time, Walter Simonson.

Somewhere along the line, I thought it would be cool to include a version of Simonson’s famously recognizable signature somewhere. I don’t do a lot of stylized text in my comic strip, except for sound effects… but if ever there was a time to do it, this was it! So I decided that when one of the characters spoke his name, I would use a recreation of his signature in the dialog. That necessitated my finding a good reference and then recreating Walter Simonson’s signature, which of course led to this…

Simonson Dinosaur SignatureFor those who didn’t already see it this week, please take a look at Thurday’s episode of ‘Sects and you can see how this was used in context. There’s also a surreal visual gag that I hope landed as well on the page as it did in my strange brain.

Meanwhile, as I was rendering his famous brontosaurus-shaped signature I had a surreal moment of my own. As I was putting my signature on the finished artwork, I was struck by how I had just created an illustration of someone’s signature and then put my own signature on that! But if ever there was a signature that ought to be considered art in its own right, Walter Simonson’s has to be it. He famously was a fan of dinosaurs from way back, and had studied geology and paleontology in college, though I’ve seen him give credit to his mother in interviews for the idea to put a dinosaur spin on his own signature.

Mr. Simonson hooked me from the beginning with his epic run on Thor back in the 1980s. To be honest, while I’ve always liked the character, it always seemed to be missing something. Though the character was clearly inspired by Norse mythology, it never really felt like that mythology played a part in the comic until Simonson’s run. There is no doubt he injected the whole landscape of Norse mythology into Thor in a way that had never been done before, and you can clearly see Simonson’s influence on the book since his departure as they still build on even little things that he introduced back in the day.

A happy footnote here too… yesterday I was informed by one of my blog followers who knows Mr. Simonson that apparently he not only read my comic strip this Thursday, but thought it was funny. That was a cool surprise to end the week, as I had never even entertained the notion of what if he saw what I did. Hard to top someone you’ve liked and admired for a long time seeing a little thing you’ve done and giving a nod of approval!

Carolina Panthers NFL Team Logo

Congratulations to the Carolina Panthers for making it to the Super Bowl this year! Only one loss all season, and that to a team in their division with whom they split games… so basically they beat everyone on their schedule so far at least once. That, and the itch to draw, prompted me to recreate their official NFL team logo this week.

Carolina PanthersIt is fun to design new logos, but I also enjoy recreating vector versions of logos that I like. Sometimes these things also sneak into comic strips or parodies that I do, so don’t be surprised if you see this pop up elsewhere now that I have a clean rendered version.

Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as a Technical Illustrator, please use the Contact page and provide me with as much information as you can about your request.

Fist of Justice Title Logo Revisited

You might remember a while back I posted a pin-up submission I did for the Fist of Justice. As part of that creation, I had to also draw a version of their logo design. I have since gone back and tweaked that logo a bit to make it more accurately reflect the design they use for the comic book.

Fist of Justice Logo

It’s always hard to let go of something as being done and sometimes there is a good reason for that, as I believe this version is stronger than the version I originally used for my pin-up submission. Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

Flash Aaahh… Logo Fun for Us

On someone’s Facebook timeline last week something Flash Gordon related came up… and then I had the Queen theme song from that 1980s movie stuck in my head. For further logo creation practice, and as an attempt to exorcise the musical demon from my brain, I decided to recreate the logo from that movie!

Flash Gordon Movie Logo

Eagle-eyed fans will note that the proper movie logo design actually has the “Flash Gordon” text in front of the centerpiece. As I was drawing this, I decided I like the look of the logo with the centerpiece overlaying the text instead. So, technically this isn’t a 100% recreation as I put my own spin upon it.

Let me know what you think and, as always, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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