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‘Sects Saturday 08/26/2017

*To make up for skipping Thursday and Friday this week, today is a special Saturday two-for with both missing episodes at the same time. Oh frabjous day! In hindsight, they probably read better this way anyway… so accidental success through failure to post them on time.


‘Sects Wednesday 08/23/2017

*Does Buzz have lottery fever? Or does he just have a regular fever? If I win the lottery tonight, there may or may not be a cartoon tomorrow. Of course, if I don’t win the lottery tonight there still may or may not be a cartoon tomorrow. Mystery! 🙂

‘Sects Tuesday 08/22/2017

‘Sects Monday 08/21/2017

*Eclipses are the gateway drug to staring at things you shouldn’t stare at… One day you’re staring at an eclipse, the next day you’re staring into the normal Sun… and before you know it, you feel compelled to stare into the fire… at light bulbs… and all manner of too-bright things. Just say NO to staring at the sun, kids!

‘Sects Sunday 08/20/2017

*To think, it has been more than a year since the universe ended! It came back, of course… but it just proves I was ahead of the curve, ending the universe last year. And, seriously, who doesn’t love Hostess Fruit Pies? My feelings would NOT be hurt in the slightest if they wanted to send me large boxes of assorted flavors. Hint… hint…

‘Sects Saturday 08/19/2017

*Stifle is a wonderful word. A little rude, perhaps, but wonderful nonetheless…

‘Sects Friday 08/18/2017

*Sorry for the skip day on Thursday… I did something else, that I’ll be posting on the weekend.  Meanwhile you get a Saturday cartoon tomorrow to make up for it. Also, if you wonder why today’s episode isn’t as funny as you think it should be… trust me… it’s part of a two day gag. It will be funnier tomorrow when you see what happens next. Or, I suppose, it still might not be funny and I’m just terrible at this. Stay tuned! 🙂

‘Sects Wednesday 08/16/2017

*Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Where’s the joke? I mean, it’s just two guys talking… and the one guy’s wife calls him home for dinner. That’s not funny! Okay, yeah… it’s not laugh-out-loud funny… but if you think about it… their names are kind of funny, right? Besides, these are new characters. Give ’em a chance to grow on you. Everybody’s not funny on command all the time! Sometimes stuff just happens… it’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s not funny… it’s just life, happening. Watch the life happen folks. Watch the life happen.

‘Sects Tuesday 08/15/2017

*That’s right… all the jokes that practically write themselves in a neat little package. The new character so awesome that you ask yourself why wasn’t he here all along?

‘Sects Monday 08/14/2017

*Thus ends the latest installment of Batfly and Robant… not with a bang, but with a thud. The longest running Batfly and Robant so far, but their story is not complete. Our creped crusaders shall return whenever Fisherman Gorton needs them… but tomorrow is a new day, and with a new day comes… new characters? Stay tuned!

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