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An Apple A Day Keeps the Illustrator Busy

This began as a request from my sister for a drawing of an apple. I probably spent a lot more time into rendering this than she actually needed, but I couldn’t help myself. I got really into seeing what I could do with some different glare and shading techniques, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Red AppleEagle-eyed followers of my ‘Sects comic strip will know that I already used this in the comic strip a couple of times this past week. It’s just a really nice apple that has almost unlimited uses, so expect it to pop up more in the future too. I have to add, I already shared this on Facebook and it quickly became one of the most popular things I’ve ever shared. It’s funny sometimes what catches people’s attention.

Remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

A Front of an Abacus!

More drawings for my sister, this time of several different types of abacus…  Several purposes for these eventually, including some tutorial documents and a custom brochure. If I figure out a way to use them in anything else, I will of course!

Abacus SorobanSoroban

Abacus SlavonicSlovanic

Abacus ChineseChinese

Abacus HomemadeHomemade

For a little background, the abacus is a very old-school mathematical device. For those who know how to use one properly, you can do some fairly complicated calculations very quickly. Most of these illustrations are modeled after official designs, with that last one an illustration of a kind that you might make yourself from craft beads and popsicle sticks!

Remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

I’ll Hand it to You

As part of a thing I was working on for my sister, I ended up drawing several different hands. These are fairly straightforward hand illustrations, and I figure I can use them in all sorts of other things besides the original intent.

Hand 2 Hand 1Hand 3If you look closely, the first two hands are essentially the same, with the only difference being the fancier red fingernails on one of them. They depict a hand in a pinching motion using the index finger and the thumb. The third hand is more of a pointing gesture with the index finger, and the thumb is rolled over slightly to indicate that.

For my sister, these might be used in some animations, and black & white versions might also be used as pointers in some tutorial documents. For me, who knows! Just don’t be surprised if these hands show up elsewhere at some point.

Remember, if you’d like an original commission by me or would like to hire me as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

‘Sects Friday 07/29/2016

SECTS 440*If this plot twist leaves you feeling lost… go back to January 10, 2016 and realize that maybe you weren’t getting the full story back then! 🙂

‘Sects Thursday 07/28/2016


‘Sects Wednesday 07/27/2016


‘Sects Tuesday 07/26/2016


‘Sects Monday 07/25/2016


‘Sects Sunday 07/24/2016


Milestone Madness!

I did some math earlier in the week and realized that my 800th post was going to happen over the weekend. I had some choice as to what to actually post as number 800, but decided to go ahead and let the 800th post be about various milestones happening this month. Tomorrow (July 25th) is also the two year anniversary of starting this blog. If you’re at all curious, go take a look at the very first post (appropriately an early comic strip) I made on the blog way back on July 25th, 2014.

A milestone that occurred earlier this week… ‘Sects had its 500th episode! I also realized counting the ‘Sects milestones are tricky. I have skipped some days here and there, and that’s easy enough to keep track of… but there was also one day last year when I actually posted two episodes in the same day! So… the 500th new episode was posted on Wednesday this past week… but the 500th day of unique episodes actually happened on Thursday.

An honorary mention is the hit counter…  I’m just under 24,500 hits on the blog in two years. It has been a slow uphill climb, gaining followers and regular visits over the years. I’ve definitely got a strong loyal following now, but I’m always hoping to expand… hence why I gave up the ghost and joined Facebook last year to provide additional promotion for my work.

Thank you to everyone who has been here for the long haul… thank you also to all the newly following! I hope I continue to create things that engage you in some manner, whether it be in quality of the art or the silliness of the idea. Please, if you really enjoy any of the things I do here, tell your friends and let’s see how much we can blow this thing up for year three!

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