‘Sects Sunday 06/19/2016

SECTS 410S*Regular followers will note that I missed a golden opportunity for Buzz to make a horrible misunderstood-word pun with the Bechdel Test… but that was on purpose, because I didn’t want to derail the core point of this episode… which is to point out that I keep forgetting my female characters and often only remember them to further the plot of my male characters. That is the failing of me as a writer, and not my female characters. As I said to someone else recently, I need to work on that!


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  1. I didn’t realise you didn’t feature many female characters. I guess it’s hard to tell with insects unless they have a clearly gendered name that they are addressed by. I’m glad it’s something you think is important to work on!

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    1. Without hair and faces, I figure it’s hard to tell. My earthworm, for example, was introduced as “Sam” and I wondered how many were surprised when she split into two and had Sam & Erica, both girls. Many insects you really can’t tell… The Queen Bee and Ant are larger, but otherwise harder to differentiate from other bees and ants. Probably the only characters where the difference is obvious, the Black Widow characters I introduced this year… the male is considerably smaller than the female and has a very different look than what we all recognize as the female. In fairness to myself, I don’t set out to be male-centric, hence why I created a bunch of female characters… it’s just all too easy to fall into the trap of writing for the easiest characters more often… and that usually is Buzz and whomever I need to make his silliness work 🙂 Plus I originally intended this for Red to be the main character and I diverged sharply from that… so periodically when I realize I have a lot of characters and a lot of them get ignored… like Al, he gets ignored for LONG stretches as does Dez… but I feel less badly about that than when I forget Nell, Sam, and Erica. The only character intentionally ignored… my female Katydid… I never find the time to introduce her friend… and until I do that… I can’t do all the jokes I want to do with her either… so she’s in limbo not because I forgot her, but because I keep getting sidetracked. ALL that rambling is to say, I’m at least not doing it on purpose, and I’m aware of the need to have my female characters be more than just plot-movers… I did a good arc at least with Sam & Erica when I first introduced her/them… but I’ve never done anything meaningful with Nell.

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      1. All the behind the scenes thought is interesting! You have a lot of characters. I’m looking forward to meeting the Katydid’s friend, whenever that happens.

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        1. I also accidentally learned something this week that gives me an opportunity I didn’t know I had to do something in an upcoming episode. I really need to work on my cricket drawings, though, so my katydid can have her friend and I can do those stories too.


    2. Oh, and I’ve done some good stuff with the politicks… they intentionally have no character development since they are social commentary on the screwed up political system we have right now… so at least for now, they need to be one-note characters that say their bit and you either love them because you believe what that one says or you hate the ones you disagree with politically. That, even though they are female characters, is by design.

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  2. Yeah, I was going to say, how *do* you tell the males from the females?!?

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    1. For the most part, in my comic you really can’t… with the exception of the Black widows I introduced. First time I simultaneously introduced a male and female of the same insect at the same time, so it forced me to make sure I got that right. Outside of the Ant and Bee characters, all the other characters thus far have no opposite gender counterpart that has appeared. I realized early on that it would be weird to have a male and female character of an insect that you couldn’t tell the difference and then depend on that difference in the story. Also, for the most part, Buzz is the only one who has ever worn anything…

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