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SECTS 261FYI, this marks the 1 year anniversary of ‘Sects as a comic strip. I began this strip the week of Thanksgiving in 2014. I invite everyone to take a look back at the very beginning to see how things have evolved over the past year. I hope you’ll also enjoy this week’s nod to how the story began, once upon a time!

‘Sects Sunday 11/22/2015


Tardis Appearing Act…

So… I was proud of my Doctor Who inspired Tardis drawings from a couple of weeks back, and decided I had a good candidate to once again dip my toes into simple animation. Behold the mysteriously appearing Tardis, which then disappears again just as mysteriously, over and over again…

TardisIf I had this to do all over, I would do two simple things differently. One is that I would make the light on top blink a bit slower. I think it blinks a bit fast and it’s easy not to notice it blinking at all. The other thing I would change is to actually put something behind the Tardis so that the materialization and dematerialization obscures and then reveals something in the background.

Felt like I ought to get this posted before the end of the current series (only a couple more new episodes to go after tonight) so people could see it while in the right mood. Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

Rick and Morty… It’s a Trap!

So, this is actually from back in August and I’ve just been really lax about getting it posted. Some of you might remember a previous Rick and Morty drawing of mine. I am a huge fan of the series on Adult Swim! Some of you following me on Facebook might also remember me posting an oddly random drawing of an empty kitchen too, along with a promise to explain later. Well, it’s now later! 🙂
Rick and Morty Deviant Art ContestThere was a contest that I entered, did not win or place or anything, back in August… and I had the idea to draw Rick and Morty as if they had become trapped in a two-dimensional kid’s drawing on the family fridge. So, first I drew the digital kitchen that I posted on Facebook a while back. Then I used pencil, marker, and colored pencils to hand-draw the Rick and Morty piece. Both original individual illustrations are shown below:

Kitchen WIP Rick Morty FridgeI then combined everything into one digital image, with the small version on the fridge and the zoom/blowout to be sure people could see what was going on… Lastly, I added the dimensional portal gun to the kitchen counter. A little bit of additional contrast to the digital vs hand-drawn composition was the fact that the digital world was rendered as a three-dimensional one, while the hand-drawing was depicted as flat.

I thought this turned out pretty well, and is actually one of my favorite things from this year. Please let me know what you think. Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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