‘Sects Sunday 08/09/2015


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  1. This is funny but I’m lost. What is the last panel? The 10 minutes later one or the “better than TV” one? Also, why does Buzz designed like the one in the shades and hair? Then why are the designs off a little on the butterfly and other blue insect? Aren’t those shots from the back?


    1. To follow the Sunday edition, it helps if you understand traditional Sunday newspaper comic strips in the USA. In many papers they would omit the entire first line in order to fit more comics in the paper… so strip creators had to create non-essential panels for the opening of the Sunday edition. This usually came in the form of a title-block and a 1-2 panel gag that wasn’t required for the rest of the story to make sense. In many cases that opening gag had nothing at all to do with the rest of the strip. Most of the time, then, I do an opening 1-2 panel gag that is self-contained… then the next two lines are a completely different story. Sometimes they are related or have the same characters, sometimes they don’t. It’s really like two stories on Sunday.

      With that out of the way… Blue is a beetle, and Bob is a ladybug by the way… I will have a butterfly eventually, but not yet. In the opening 2-panel gag… the first part is them from the back as they are walking towards the store… the 2nd panel is 10 min later when they are walking away from the store after having already been inside.

      The main story is Buzz talking to himself… in front of the mirror. If you read older stories, you’ll see I’ve done this particular bit more than once… Buzz likes to talk to himself sometimes, especially in front of the mirror… so Bob and Blue sometimes walk in on him in the background and then stick around to watch, usually having their own comment to make in the end.

      Did I hit all the answers? If I didn’t, let me know.

      Oh… the shades and hair for Buzz… the shades were given to him by Buzzarro… another older storyline. Sometimes Buzz wears shades, sometimes he doesn’t. He has had them for a while now. The hair was new during the last week or so as I introduced some political discussion… and it was more obvious when I first introduced the toupee that it was meant to be a Trump-style hairpiece.

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      1. I don’t read newspapers or understand comic strips like that (I am in USA). I’m new to drawing and trying to understand better. You have a series I just have to catch in the beginning. I did wonder though was he talking to himself cause at the end I saw the wig and shades without anything wearing them.

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        1. Newspaper comic strips are a dying breed here… but I remember them fondly from being a kid… and sometimes we got newspapers from different cities and it was always interesting to me how some papers had more to some comics than others… and then I learned what I explained there before about how sometimes the paper would drop some of the panels and not run the full cartoon. Even though I’m doing a Web comic, I wanted to try and keep some of the spirit of traditional Sunday comics by emulating the title panel + opening gag + main story format. Oh, and that’s a big part of why the last panel is there like that… so you can see from the other end of the room that Buzz has been alone the whole time talking to himself. In previous stories I specifically have Bob/Blue commenting about how Buzz talks to himself sometimes.

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        2. Yeah, I realized the setup by looking at it again. The opening title. The two panels. Then the run of the main story. So the first two panels aren’t essential? But the insects was in that store, right?

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        3. For most of my Sunday editions, those first two panels are completely standalone and have nothing to do with the rest of the story. A couple of times, though, they kind of led into the story but if they weren’t there you wouldn’t have missed anything important to the main story.

          For the purposes of storytelling… the things in those panels happen to the characters… they just may or may not refer to them again as usually it is meant for a quick gag before moving on to the rest of the story.

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        4. I haven’t had the chance to check out the first story cause I’m mostly on the app and just look at my reader.


    1. Thanks… I keep seeing those DirecTV commercials and it felt like something I had to use Buzz to express.

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