‘Sects Monday 08/03/2015



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  1. I don’t get it.

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    1. Then I’ve done my job! 😉 But seriously… the main bit here is that only Red got through the maze for some reason… everyone else just picked a direction and stopped cold when they hit the wall, instead of turning around and trying again. It’s a subtle reminder of where this strip started… Most of the characters being set in their ways, and Red was the one character who one day woke up and did something different.

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      1. Hmmm…sound like I need to start my viewing at the first strip since I’m new. I thought maybe it was because the red one flew.

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        1. Red is my agent of change, sort of… he changed the dynamic when he joined the group… he notices when stuff is not right… he is most apt to go on his own adventure. The other characters are more stuck in a rut, unless someone else (like Red or Buzzarro) intervenes and pushes them to a new path.

          Oh, and please do go back through the archives and catch up… They’re all online back to the beginning. The first episode of Sects was posted last November… I started with a Thanksgiving/Black Friday story during the week of Thanksgiving, 2014.

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        2. I haven’t read your About page so forgive me if this is on there but what made you decide to do this sort of comic? Most comics I follow are about people.

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        3. My first comic strip (From Where I Sit) was about people… but no actual people were in most of the strips. That makes sense if you take a look at any of those comics… I realized that while I enjoyed doing it, I needed to have a comic strip with characters that people could see and identify with more… I’m frankly a little weaker at drawing human anatomy BUT I also really think insects are interesting, and I had lots of sketches and doodles of various bugs… so it just kind of felt like the thing to do. I decided not to make them have silly faces and smiles, opting for semi-realistic insects but “what if” they spoke and thought like we do. It’s kind of an amalgamation of lots of things I like… and I borrow some themes and gimmicks from strips I liked when I was younger. If you look closely, you’ll see some Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, and Family Circus influences.

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        4. I’ll be sure to check out your archives later. I’m not familiar with the names you dropped. That makes a lot of sense to me because I’m opting to do the same with animals. I just wanna get good drawing bears and airplanes. However, I do eventually want to get good at drawing the human body. It’s an interesting approach you took.

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        5. Thanks… you know, they say “write what you know”… as advice to writers. What they don’t say (but should) is draw to your strengths! So… I try and draw to my strengths while I practice off to the side to get better at drawing other things. Oh, and also… while there are lots of one-off comics that might feature a bug/insect gag now and then… I couldn’t really find a truly insect-based regular daily comic… so I thought that gave me my own little unique space to work in.

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        6. It really did! At first I was confused at what I was seeing then I started to pay a little more attention. But I don’t know the personalities of the insects yet which is why I didn’t get this one. I like how you actually gave them so depth (your earlier comment). Do you know any other comics that take a different approach on WordPress? I want to follow more.

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        7. Thanks.. a lot of the story has been with me from the beginning… other parts evolve over time as the characters come into their own. As for other blogs… you can see the “Blogs I Follow” to see a bunch of blogs I keep up with… without meaning to insult anyone by omission… here’s some of my favorites: hellospidey (more insects), Motivational Giraffe (good upbeat stuff), LMG – Little Monster Girl (inventive, slightly adult story), Over the Hedge (funny animals doing real-world stuff), Slightly Chilled Porcupine (just really wacked out weirdness!), Lard Wants World Peace, Angus Frump Has No Friends to name a few.. sorry to anyone I like but left off this list!

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        8. Wow! I been a follower of LMG and MG. They’re actually featured on the sidebars of my blog. I just followed Lard around same time as I did you. I’ll be sure to check out the others as well.

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        9. Oh.. I forgot to mention the story enthusiast too… he’s on a semi-hiatus I think, but he has some creative stuff and some animation as well. I’m behind in looking at other people’s blogs, especially new followers like yourself lately… I need to catch up on that sometime and see what else I’m missing.

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  2. Maybe cause Red can fly out of the maze…

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    1. He’s one of the few (Sam and Erica as well) who couldn’t fly. It’s mostly about Red being the rare character in the strip who makes his own choices… but if I’m honest, it’s also about how the maze is kind of like a sideways anthill so he has that advantage too.

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      1. I realized/remembered right after writing that that red does NOT fly. OOOoops.

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  3. I couldn’t help but figure out the maze myself…just to check there was a beginning and end

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    1. I knew people would 🙂 I was careful to make sure it only had one way through… and that the wrong ways made a kind of sense as reasonable wrong ways IF you imagined yourself inside the maze.

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