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i.e. Sequential… Journal… Visual… Now on Facebook!

Facebook Cover ArtBecause next to nobody demanded it… i.e. Sequential… Journal… Visual… is on Facebook! Actually, I launched about a week ago, and figured it was time to spread the word here. Of course if you are reading this from Facebook, then you already know I’m on FacebookFacebook!

If you read my blog posts and comic strips, nothing is changing… they will continue to be posted here as usual. They will also be pushed to Facebook, and have been since Saturday before last. The advantage to being on Facebook, besides hoping to reach a larger audience… is some shorter spur-of-the-moment things seem to fit being posted there more so than here.

Also, I might make snarky comments on Facebook about a cartoon or comic strip… and I might post “coming soon” type announcements there. So, if you are on Facebook please come and find and Like me there so that you can be sure not to miss a thing.

Thanks, and… be sure to Facebook!

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‘Sects Sunday 06/28/2015


Most Social and Political Arguments…

Because there are a lot of different things in the news that I have opinions about, but I do not want to find myself embroiled in depressing social or political arguments… I made this little cartoon that sums up how I feel about a lot of things going on in the world today.

Straw Man and Kool-Aid Man

And Another Thing!

After drawing and posting my Marvel Comics Thing character illustration the other day… I literally went back to the drawing board and took another crack at it. When I say literally, I literally mean literally! I still have my drawing board from the Engineering Drafting class I took in college and it comes in handy for this situation.

I enjoy working digitally, and it lets me have a clean look and it’s also easy to make tweaks along the way but there is something to be said for working old school. It’s hard to capture the organic look of working with your hands on a drawing. That’s why I was happy to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Thing ColorPretty straight-forward stuff in the process here… penciled most of the detail in first, inked over that with a brush-tip Sharpie pen, and finished it off with colored pencils. I was working with this brush-tip pen for the first time, and wasn’t good at controlling my line-weights the way I wanted. The inking is a little heavier than I meant, but the coloring helped bring back some of what I felt I lost during the inking stage.

ThingThe animated image shows the transition from pencils to inks to finished drawing. Please let me know what you think. Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Lots of people on the Digital Webbing forums post samples of their art and writing to be critiqued and admired. There’s a pretty wide range of experience too, from beginners to folk with lots of published stuff on their resumes. In one thread this week, several of us had commented on a drawing of Marvel’s Thing character. Somehow the gauntlet was dropped (not the Infinity Gauntlet, fortunately) and several of us were challenged to post our own renderings of the Thing. So that’s how this Thing happened…

Marvel ThingSomehow I ended up drawing a happy Thing. I thought the bloodshot eyes and the teeth might help de-happy-ify him, but no dice. I might take another stab at this after a break and see if I can get the grim (Ben Grimm?) look I originally wanted. Please let me know what you think. Remember, if you are interested in requesting my services as an Illustrator, please use the Contact page and let me know as much as you can about your request.

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