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Oops A Daisy Fringe Kisses

FK 42


Spider-Man Work-in-Progress

I thought I would post another work-in-progress, since I haven’t done that in a while. Here is a Spider-Man figure that I started working on earlier today. Spider-Man was my first and favorite super hero, owed probably in part due to the Marvel Comics joint venture with the PBS show, The Electric Company, back in the day that brought live-action Spidey into my home every week as a kid.

Spider Man WIP
I haven’t put in the webbing for the costume yet, because I am still playing around a little with the anatomy. It isn’t going to be 100% accurate anatomy, because of the cartoon style I’m intending for the final look… but it is much easier to tweak things now before I go heavy into the detail. Trust me, I have learned this the hard way!

I’ll post a final version on the blog whenever I get there for comparison. Let me know what you think of the design so far!

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MAD Issue 1 Cover Homage

This is something I created last week to help promote the blog. I am a longtime fan of all the classic EC comics, but I have a soft-spot for the original MAD comic. So here’s a homage to the great Harvey Kurtzman, based on the cover to MAD issue #1 and tweaked and tailored to advertise my blog…

IESJV MAD Homage 1 Revised

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Bach to the Future…

A Long Way Around JokeSylvester Stallone had a wonderful idea for a science-fiction story that revolved around a fictional meeting of two of history’s greatest composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course it had to involve science-fiction since time-travel would be necessary for these particular historic figures to meet as their lifetimes did not overlap. It would require seeking some financial backing, and he also wanted to involve his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger to help ensure box office success.

The two actors’ agents began negotiations even as Mr Stallone began to work on the script. Big names like this working together gave the agents confidence that it was worth hammering out a deal even before seeing a treatise of the script. It turns out this was a good thing, because negotiations take a while and the script took months to hammer out as well.

One day, after many months of work, Mr Stallone invited Mr Schwarzenegger over to his home for a read-through of the script. Stallone would read the part of Johann Sebastian Bach while Schwarzenegger read the part of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The read-through took several hours, and many notes were made along the way but the core of the story was one they both felt strongly would work.

There was ultimately only one sticking-point that the two men could not agree upon. Stallone was happy with the two men reading the parts as they had done this day, while Schwarzenegger was not. Finally, in an attempt to get the final word on the subject, Mr Schwarzenegger decided it was time to leave and as he exited the home of Mr Stallone, he said…

“I’ll be Bach!”

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