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Ghosts Need Jobs Too!

I had another idea yesterday, and wanted to end the week on a lighter note while still keeping in the spirit of the holiday. So I whipped this one up yesterday and held it back to post on Halloween.

Ghost BustedWhile you’re out tonight, remember to tip your ghosts. Ghosts have responsibilities too you know!


Shalloween (FWIS), Part 5


Jack O’Lantern

Those of you following my daily comic strips might find this illustration a little familiar. It is a variation on a design I’m using there. This one is larger, and made it a little easier to put some more work into the face.

Carved Pumpkin
I opted to stick with a more traditional design for my Jack O’Lantern as opposed to the more intricately detailed designs you find these days. I admire all the hard work people put into their carvings this time of year, but sometimes the simplest designs can’t be topped for putting you into the right mood.

South Park and Robot Armageddon

Lightning has struck again! A couple of weeks ago Castle tread into territory I had previously visited in a comic strip. Last night’s South Park on Comedy Central has now done this as well!

Without giving too much of the story away…  last night’s new episode “The Magic Bush” had a B-story (hah, that’s funnier than I intended it to be) about drones! Once again, this is territory I visited practically in the beginning of my “From Where I Sit” strip.

Check out Droning On and see why you too should be worried about drones and the robot armageddon!

Shalloween (FWIS), Part 4


Halloween Green Monster

I have random thoughts that go through my mind all the time, and as I always say… write ideas down or make quick sketches before you lose something that you can’t remember later! Given the time of the year, it should be no surprise that my mind has wandered into monstrous territory. The core of this idea was the tusks. It all started from there, and everything else evolved around that one thought.

Green Monster WIP

This illustration is still a work-in-progress, but I think it is mostly where I want it to be and if I wait until it is perfect in my eyes, it would be way past Halloween before anyone ever saw it! So here’s a peek inside my brain and perhaps an early look at something you might see again if it evolves into something more.

Shalloween (FWIS), Part 3


Shalloween (FWIS), Part 2


Shalloween (FWIS), Part 1


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