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Football Sees One (FWIS), all-at-once!

When I started this blog and this comic strip, I always intended it to meander a bit and not always be intentionally funny. There are those who would say I have succeeded in not being funny already!

Having said that… this weekend’s all-at-once story is not intended to be funny. It’s just something I felt I needed to say through the words of a fictional character. I originally intended to post it last weekend, but decided to wait because of my comic convention appearance. The tone of this particular story felt at odds with the upbeat nature of a family comic convention.

So, the timing is now slightly askew, but the sentiment and meaning behind this story is still the same… “Football Sees One” now follows.



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Sketches from Raleigh Comic-Con

For the Raleigh Comic-Con, I created the following 11×4.25 in. flyer design on a 67-lb cardstock paper to promote my blog and the From Where I Sit series:

Raleigh Comic-Con FlyerI left a small area to the right of the flyer blank so that I could do quick-sketches at the convention. Everything was done with colored pencils (and a regular pencil too). Below is a categorized display of all the sketches I was able to finish today…


Batman Emblem Green Lantern Emblem Reverse Flash EmblemWeapons:

Captain America Shield MjolnirCharacter Heads:

Batman Head Spider-Man Head Wolverine Head Random Head Random Head 2Poncho Patrol Characters:

Poncho Batman Poncho Spider-ManView From Where I Sat at the Show:

Raleigh Comic-Con View

Raleigh Comic-Con Epilogue

Here I am (was) near the start of the convention this morning:

Now I can say “been there, done that” and I survived to tell the tale. As I unwind from a long day I am trying to collect my thoughts. There is a lot of stuff to blog about, and rest assured I will be blogging… for now, though, a brief summary of the experience.

I was late. I wonder what is worse… being late to your first professional appearance? or the fact that nobody really seemed to notice? If I were not an unknown, it would be worse that nobody noticed… but since I am a new kid in town, it probably helped cover my lateness. Truth be told it was only 15 minutes after the convention had started, but since I had intended to be there early it felt worse to me.

I was seated next to two friendly and talented professional artists:

Sandy Jarrell
Buddy Prince

I felt like I was in a live-action version of “one of these things is not like the other…” next to those two guys. They were both friendly, and I felt welcomed even as I felt a bit in over my head. I got to talk about my blog and my daily comic strip and random other things. I also was able to draw a lot of quick-sketches during the show. I will post scans of these at some point when I have the chance to process them.

On the way home, I made a trip to Edward McKay Used Books and More and dropped off my remaining copies of a promotional flyer I had designed to promote this blog. If you’ve found me from one of those flyers, please let me know so I can thank them for helping me distribute them.

All-in-all it was a learning experience and one well worth having. Thank you again to Lyn Anderson for running a nice show and for inviting me to be a guest today!

Last, but not least, I was inspired to create a companion piece to Friday’s one-shot bonus From Where I Sit episode. So I guess that makes them now collectively a two-shot?  Or perhaps I was fouled on the play and this is the one from the charity stripe?


Appearing at the Raleigh Comic-Con Aug 24th, 2014

Lyn Anderson has organized and promoted the Raleigh Comic-Con for longer than I can remember. I went there a lot as a fan and for a while as a dealer, but this weekend will be a first… Lyn invited me to be one of his guests this Sunday to promote my blog and daily comic strip (“From Where I Sit“). So, I’ll be there trying not to make too much of an idiot of myself!

I’m hoping to bring a lot more fans back to my blog, but for any of you already following me… the show is at the Hampton Inn & Suites Crabtree Valley, 3920 Arrow Drive in Raleigh, NC 27616. Admission is free, and the show runs from 10am to 4pm this Sunday, August 24th. If you need any more info about the show, check out the following link:

In honor of this invitation to appear at my first convention as a guest, here’s a special one-shot extra Friday edition of From Where I Sit. I enjoy poking at the fourth wall now and again, but for this one I decided to blow up the fourth wall entirely, come outside and take a lap around the edge, then go back inside!


Being Positive (FWIS), Part 2


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