‘Sects Saturday 02/18/2017


*When I was a kid, I definitely remember one year where we actually did leave the Christmas decorations up all year so that they were already up by the time the next Christmas came around. This strangely seemed to really bother some people.

Collecting the Recently Retro-Posted ‘Sects Episodes…

As promised when I returned from my week-long absence due to illness and lack of Internet… I’ve been catching up and trying not to flood too much in the process. All the episodes of ‘Sects from the past week or so are up now, but all were retro-posted. This means that they were back-dated to make it easier for finding them in the archives, but harder to find as new posts for my followers who just use their WordPress Reader.

To make things easier, below are links to all of the recently retro-posted episodes in case you haven’t seen a new cartoon since last Tuesday’s (02/07/2017) episode:

‘Sects Wednesday 02/08/2017
‘Sects Thursday 02/09/2017
‘Sects Friday 02/10/2017

‘Sects Monday 02/13/2017
‘Sects Tuesday 02/14/2017
‘Sects Wednesday 02/15/2017
‘Sects Thursday 02/16/2017

Read all those, and you’re all caught up! There was no Sunday comic last week as that was the height of my sickness… and I skipped Friday this week to get back on schedule so I will be posting a Saturday episode this week instead that will go up very shortly. Thanks again for the patience, and I hope everyone enjoys catching up on my nonsense! ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Sects Thursday 02/16/2017


*It’s so weird when reality is less believable than an old Seinfeld episode, isn’t it? Wow!

Sometimes Life Intrudes on Fiction (or Why There Have Been No Posts Lately)

Ah… remember back when I used to post most every day… that comic strip ‘Sects and other such things? Yeah… me too. Good times… good times!

So, about that…

A perfect storm of nastiness… I was fighting a nasty cold, lots of congestion and other generally non-fun things for a week or so but was finally looking like I was about to turn a corner by the weekend, but then Sunday I entered a hurling contest of the worst kind (think about it) and I won! Or I lost… cookies were tossed. I’ve been on another slow mend this week to recover from that!

But, that’s not why there have been no cartoons.ย  The only day I actually didn’t feel like drawing was Sunday. I was in a bad way that day… then slept most of Monday but at least wasn’t sick, just weak and back to cartoons.ย  So, Sunday is skipped with no return… but I’ve been doing all the others, since last week.

The reason I couldn’t post… is because I also lost Internet sometime late Tuesday night of last week. So I couldn’t tell people I was sick or post anything or argue with people on the Internet about politics or religion! ๐Ÿ™‚ The humanity!

But I’m back… and tonight I’m going to be retro-loading last week’s cartoons. That means Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday episodes of ‘Sects from last week will be going up shortly but they will be going up as if they were posted on their proper dates, thereby making it easier for people to find them via search and by the calendar. Tomorrow I will post some more from this week, and hopefully be caught up by the weekend so I can post Sunday on schedule and be back on track.

Once I am back on track, I will post a link post that contains links to all the ones I’ve retro-posted so that if you are a follower who just checks your WordPress Reader you can use that to more easily find all the ones you missed.

Hopefully I’m back for a while again without interruption! Thanks for being patient and I hope the horrible puns and terrible jokes are down to my usual standards for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Sects Wednesday 02/15/2017


*There is a longer origin for this joke… the short version is, I once knew a guy who was constantly misunderstanding stuff to the point where some of us who knew him began trying to predict what strange thing he would think we said. It was amazing how easy it was to get inside his head after a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Sects Tuesday 02/14/2017


‘Sects Monday 02/13/2017


*It’s funny because it’s true! Seriously… I was really sick on Sunday, the kind of sick of which you never wish to speak of again… but it did inspire this comic, so there’s that ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Sects Friday 02/10/2017


*Bringing bacon week to a conclusion with a nice Kevin Bacon reference and just one more Clay Aiken bit to drive home the bit from yesterday. Also, I kind of like how the cartoon bacon looks, so that might get used more often now that it exists.

‘Sects Thursday 02/09/2017


*Full disclosure… with all the pork in politics, I decided to mostly make this be bacon week! As I was parodying the dreidel song, I accidentally stumbled into the Clay Aiken reference. I lived in Raleigh for most of my life, so I was aware when he was on American Idol and lost to Ruben Studdard, though I honestly couldn’t tell you much more about the show than that. Fortunately, my horrible puns require very little actual working knowledge of things to execute. ๐Ÿ™‚ For what it’s worth, I am more familiar with Eric Idle, as a huge fan of Monty Python, so there’s that.

‘Sects Wednesday 02/08/2017




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